Stebo is a social profit organization, based in Genk, Belgium.

The Stebo organization is comprised of a group of engaged, enthusiastic colleagues, who work together with the common goal of creating and promoting a fairer society in which every person has equal opportunities. Our diverse group of colleagues consists of coaches, consultants, supervisors, project developers, community workers……We are particularly proud of the make-up of our personnel who reflect the social and ethnic diversity of the communities which we serve.

Our areas of expertise also reflect both the needs and opportunities present within our communities.  Our areas of expertise are situated and employed within a broad range of community based initiatives which include community and neighborhood development, housing advice, job and career guidance, support for local entrepeneurship, socio-cultural training and education, renewable and sustainable energy management as the main areas of activity. We have developed talents and skills in communication and coaching, process management and project development, building cross-sector orientated networks. We aspire to connect up our talents in ways that enable us to respond to new needs and challenges through creativity and innovation.

Stebo also works in close partnership with initiatives of local residents and with organizations in the Limburg Mining Area.

Together we are working to build a community that recognizes and values talent as a resource, essential when the inspiration and ‘begeisterung’ of people is a key development characteristic of our approach. We also pay extra attention to people who have less opportunities or are disadvantaged. In a healthy and successful society all residents contribute to the flourishing of the whole: employers, employees or job-seeker, young or old, male or female, those born here or those born elsewhere.

That is why we firmly believe and encourage processes of capacity building and empowerment, which enable people to take their lives in their own hands. We help people to discover their strengths and dreams, developing and connecting people, groups, regions and organizations. We deal with problems by focusing on solutions.

Central to our approach is to seek and encourage cooperation and connectedness, always aspiring to push back the frontiers of organizations and their functions, belief systems and institutions, in all freedom and with a shared responsibility. We also invest in the development of dialogue with policymakers, public services and other stakeholders within our communities and region .

A main goal of our organization is to create sustainable change and improvements to the social and physical fabric of our society, with lasting results for ourselves and for our offspring.

Limburg (Flanders – Belgium) is our biotope, but our vision embraces a broader engagement in Flanders, Europe and the world. Where we can, we seek connection in order to inspire and to be inspired.


Stebo initiatives

Other Stebo initiatives include the community work programs aimed at strengthening the social cohesion of the former mining areas, whilst our employment and training initiatives team work to create employment opportunities for local people. A good example of our focus on opportunities and innovation is the work of our most recently formed team of colleagues engaged in sustainable energy use. These colleagues are helping to improve the quality and comfort of the housing stock through energy saving measures such as collective roof insulation and advice for residents.


For more information about our organization and programs we invite you to take contact with one of the following departments:

Neighborhood development: frank.maleszka@stebo.be

Housing advice: hilde.vanransbeke@stebo.be

Job and career guidance: jan.smits@stebo.be

Support for local entrepreneurship: frank.maleszka@stebo.be

Renewable and sustainable energy management: Joachim.dewijs@stebo.be


For general information: info@stebo.be or phone 0032 89 32 95 30





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